A NEW Deal for 2022

Free Trial- Try Lecangs Warehouse for 90 days at Memphis, TN

For Both Existing and New Customers, Please See Details Below

With the rapid growth of eCommerce occurring globally, retailers care more about the delivery time, especially under the pressure of outbreaks like “Covid-19,” which has affected efficiency, pricing, and cargo space of all types of transportations. By using an overseas warehouse, the delivery speed, efficiency, and lower price are all guaranteed.

Lecangs follows the government’s guidelines in full willingness. To fulfill the mission of building our brand internationally as Lecangs always do, we promote a special new year offer– Lecangs Memphis Warehouse Free Trial 90 days.

About Lecangs Memphis Warehouse

Location: Memphis, TN. At Southeastern of the U.S., To the north, Chicago, IL. To the south, Stafford, Texas; Jacksonville, FL. To the east, New York City.

Square: 150,000 SQ FT

Range: All states of the U.S.

Service: B2B/B2C Order Fulfillment, FBA Alternative, Warehousing, SFP, Customization, etc.

Last Mile Shipping: FedEx, UPS, etc.

Transportation: New York Port, New Jersey Port, Norfolk Port, Mid-west Rail, FedEx Headquarter

Lecangs Memphis Warehouse Service

  • Warehouse

Memphis warehouse is well-facilitated, operated by a long-term experienced team. If you are interested, get the deal now.

  • Last-mile Shipping

Lecangs cooperated with local transport companies.

FedEx headquarter is located in Memphis, TN. FedEx transport capacity guarantees an on-time and efficient 99% two-days last-mile delivery.

  • Location

Memphis warehouse is close to New York Port, New Jersey Port, and Norfolk Port. A short distance to the harbors is convenient for maritime transportation.

Being close to the main roads makes last-mail picking faster. The collaboration between Memphis warehouse and Los Angles warehouse for fulfilling orders between the west coast and the Midwest greatly lowered the last-mail cost.

  • Innovation

We have 12 years of eCommerce and ten years of heavy-duty goods warehousing experience.

We have established multiple warehouse sites in the world with a total area of 320 thousand square meters which enables us to provide 1v1 customized logistics & warehousing plans with any creative ideas our clients may have in the coming year.

Ready for 2022! Lecangs Warehouse for 90 days at Memphis, TN!

Lecangs, as a warehousing & logistics server, will not only be supportive for our clients but also will help to pre-prepare themselves and enhance their competency.

Therefore, Lecangs promotes this special new year offer– Lecangs Memphis Warehouse Free Trial for 90 days, from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022.

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