The Lecangs warehousing system is for all e-commerce sellers who use Lecangs, providing integrated e-commerce platform informatization and logistics integration services. Through the synchronization and unified management of orders, customers, inventory and other information across e-commerce platforms, direct sales, and distribution channels, experience efficient operation of e-commerce business, allowing you to manage goods easily. Effectively manage warehouse stock and real-time control of inventory while reducing logistics costs, reacting quickly to orders, and improving competitiveness.


Comprehensive Report Management

Supporting all-round data reporting including orders, returns, statistical analysis, and inventory age; in addition to data operation analysis including financial analysis and statement exporting to meet your varied reporting needs.

Final Transport Cost Analysis

Our price comparison tool allows you to enter order price, transit time, and other shipping info to intelligently choose the most optimal transportation channel.

Smart Warehouse Reminder

Warning values can be set to alert you of stock levels, allowing you to monitor warehouse inventory in real time and preemptively adjust inventory levels.

FBA Transfer Support

With domestic transfers, overseas transfers, and overseas bid change, facilitate the connection between Lecangs and FBA warehouse with an integrated all-in-one solution.

Operation Routine