Who we are

We are Lecangs, a subsidiary of Loctek. We are an eCommerce, logistics and warehousing company.

We are brave
With 13 years of being eCommerce and 11 years managing warehouses, we started this new brand.

We are strong
Established more than 20 years, we started our global strategy. You can store at our warehouses in California, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania, in Germany, in U.K., and in Japan, and you can solve all your problems with our customer service center, based Philippine.

We are innovative
Unique logistics plan, customized service are provided according to your needs.

How it all began

We have established 12 warehouse sites in the world, 9 in the U.S. with a total area of 3 million square feet, covering all U.S. states.

— lecangs—
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