13 Warehouses Nationwide, Helping One-day Delivery

13 Warehouses Nationwide, Helping One-day Delivery

Lecangs fully own and operate 13 warehouses nationwide, totaling over 300,000 square feet of property rights real estate, enabling stable services and trying our best to achieve 100% delivery in one day across the US, providing customers with an extraordinary delivery experience.

The 13 Warehouses , covering the east, west, south, and north of the United States, helping you achieve one-day delivery nationwide and greatly improving user experience. We have branches in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Memphis and Houston, committed to providing integrated warehouse support service for you.

LA Warehoue

When goods arrive at our warehouse, they are recorded into our stocking system. When an order is placed, the system will automatically process the order to be shipped on the same day. 

Warehouse Shelves

If FBA inventory is insufficient, our system can automatically transfer stock from elsewhere to make up the inventory in time. We provide preferential pricing, extended free storage period, fast delivery times, and low logistics cost. 

 We provide 24/7 customer service with a combined American and Philippine after-sales and customer support team providing around-the-clock assistance, which can greatly reduce return rate.

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