About Cooperation

Lecangs: First, you need to fill in our application form. After that, we will have staff to contact your company. After both parties have negotiated and agreed to sign the contract with the effective stamp, you can register our system account and log in to start using it.

Lecangs: Yes, the registration and inventory space distribution are after signing the contract. If you want to know the operation and function of our system in advance, you can contact our customer service or the salesman who connects with your company at any time, and they will give you detailed answers and guidance.

Service Hotline: 510-284-7825

Email: [email protected]


About Account

Lecangs: First, you need to log in to the administrator account, find the target sub-account in the directory column "System Management"-"User Center", and click "Permissions" to modify the corresponding permissions.

Lecangs: You can retrieve the password of the administrator account by email; if the password of the sub-account is lost, you can contact our customer service staff to retrieve the password in the system background.


About Order

Lecangs: Not a problem, as long as the accident happens before the warehouse is off the shelf, you can cut the order anytime. When the order is cut successfully, we will modify the order delivery status.

Lecangs: The abnormal order is that the goods in the order are out of stock or the user account balance is insufficient, and the deduction cannot be completed.

However, the order that can be successfully created, and it will be automatically forwarded and shipped after the inventory and recharge; the problem is that the channel service provider returns an error message, or the warehouse will mark the order with the insufficient actual inventory.

If the service provider reports an error, please modify the order according to the prompt and submit it.


About Delivery Goods


Our overseas warehouses at Lecangs provide pallet service. You can choose to a pallet for domestic loading or foreign unloading according to your own situation.

Requirements for pallets:

In order to ensure the safety of goods, please use wooden fumigation pallets instead of plastic or paper pallets.

It is recommended that the pallets are placed according to the SKU, and try to make every box easy to count.

In order to increase the efficiency of the storage of Lecangs, it is recommended to stick the box label on the outside which is easy to identify.

Lecangs: Due to battery products belong to dangerous goods, it is necessary to provide true and valid MSDS, UN38.3, and other certificates when entering the warehouse.

Also, it needs to stick a label indicating they are battery products; fresh products are illegal and are not allowed to be delivered. If there is any concealment, the corresponding legal responsibility will be carried by the customer.